Fun ways to deal with stress

Who among us hasn’t read one too many blogs on how to deal with stress: meditate, breathe, exercise, go to yoga, visualize, chant, be mindful, get more sleep, eat better, more nature, less screens… the list goes on. I get stressed just reading the list. If it were so easy, why do 1,370,000,000 hits come up when I Google “reduce stress”? True, these methods can all help us reduce and manage stress. So why is it all so difficult to implement?

In an attempt to reduce my stress around managing stress, I researched some fun ways to manage stress and came up with a few nuggets:

1. Scream: this caught my eye right away. Just be careful who (or whom?) you scream at.
2. Laugh: a friend of mine once invited me to a laughter yoga class. I didn’t need to go. It worked.
3. Have sex: oxytocin ‘nuff said
4. Eat Garlic(?): but not before #3
5. Eat chocolate: please

Fun and chocolate aside, I began this blog with the intention of preaching the merits of breathing, yoga, and meditation. And even though I don’t really want to impose my strategies on others, I am a helpless devotee of the practice and all the benefits. So to offset the potential for any eye-rolling cliché’ness’, I’ve settled on five big-picture ideas that might spur on some stress-relieving actions:

1. Ignore everyone’s advice but your own
2. Do what you love and what works for you
3. Celebrate your stress-free successes; press repeat
4. Connect to your higher self (sorry if that sounds flaky, but it can give perspective)
5. Be kind to yourself

What are some of the many things I do that make me feel happy, satisfied and complete?

What’s the smallest thing I can do today to support this feeling? And how will I make sure I do it, and if it feels right, do it again and again?

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